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Not Surrendering tells a visual story specifically about the struggle of loyalists to shape a distinct identity in post-conflict Northern Ireland. The documentary narrative introduces us to the daily lives of the local British working-class as well as members of its illegal paramilitary groups. Recognised as terrorist organizations until recently, these associations still carry weight, sow fear, and control Northern Ireland’s Ulster. By focusing on the spaces which the book’s subjects inhabit, aspects of their daily lives, and the particularities of their neighbourhoods separated by ominous ‘peace walls,’ the photography brings to the fore the psychological state of siege which permeates working-class districts in Northern Ireland. The story also spotlights the atmosphere of despair which accompanies each successive generation – trapped socially and mentally in unprocessed traumas from which it cannot escape.

The aim of the presentation is to increase awareness and knowledge about processes of reconciliation in post-conflict societies that are divided territorially, politically, nationally, and religiously.

The story this volume tells highlights the difficulties NGO and other grassroots projects face while working with difficult youth from families deeply involved in the conflict. The photographic images illustrate the tensions arising during celebrations of national identity, during which especially members of paramilitary groups openly fan the flames of hatred towards their neighbours. This year of 2023 marks the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement formally ending the violence in Northern Ireland.

Prganizers: Galeria Centrala, Fotspot, Mariusz Śmiejek

Patronage: Kwartalnik FOTOGRAFIA, Szeroki Kadr,, National Geographic, Traveler, FotoCamp,, Kontynenty, Miesięcznik IKS, NN6T, ZPAF, UAP, Estrada Poznańska, Miasto Poznań

edition 2023

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