Poznań Art Week

POZNAŃ ART WEEK is an art festival inaugurated in 2017 in the capital of Wielkopolska in order to create a joint cultural program of public and private institutions operating in the field of visual arts.

POZNAŃ ART WEEK integrates over 30 entities every year at the turn of May and June, offering several dozen of cultural events – exhibitions, concerts, lectures and meetings with art. In 2020, the READING ROOM was launched, where You can find critical texts and interviews with artists and culture animators from Poznań and beyond. Each edition of the festival contributes to increasing the visibility of all participating entities.

The inspiration for Poznań Art Week was the need to promote visual arts, and above all, all non-commercial events of great social importance. From the beginning, the event has been guided by the idea of open access. Admission to all organized events is not limited in any way and, above all, free of charge. The energy released during the festival, resulting from contact with art, interaction of creators with the audience and exchange between partners, is the greatest value for its organizers.