Poznań Art Week

PAW is organized thanks to the support of University of the Arts Poznan, The City of Poznań, the government of Wielkopolska Voivodeship, The Ministry of Culture and Cultural Heritage by Fundacja Rarytas.

Poznań Art Week was organized for the first time in the year 2017 by Fundacja Rarytas in the cooperation with the University of the Arts Poznań and 30 partners from Wielkopolska region – public and private art galleries active in the field of visual arts.

The slogan of the first edition – “Retouch” – was referring to strengthening of that, what was faded and restoring the former energy of that, what was forgotten.

The main inspiration for the first Poznań Art Week was the “End-of-the-Year-Exhibition” annually organized at the University of the Arts Poznań. The university changes then into a gallery open to the public and presenting in all its buildings the achievements of students and their teachers in over 140 art studios. The energy created during the exchange of views as part of the End-of-the-Year-Exhibition”, the artistic stir that results from the confrontation between creators and recipients during the presentation of didactic activities from the last year made Poznań Art Week an artistic festival with a very wide impact.