$ drylownia – Justyny Dryl’s art studio
Justyna Dryl, Mateusz Jarczyński

About the event:

At this difficult time, $ drylownia offers a nice remedy that will cure anxiety and the sense of seclusion. The thereapeutic effect of colouring has been confirmed by many psychologists. Colouring books came into fashion a few year ago and have been widely available in bookstores ever since. It is believed that carefully filling a pattern with colour can soothes our minds and help to forget, at least for some time, about our problems. As we take a look at the patter we managed to fill with colour, we feel satisfied. It is also easy to share the effects of  work on social media. 

Colouring pages may have different themes. However, it seems that the common feature of the majority of them is presenting visually attractive and easily recognizable popular images that evoke many associations. These were the criteria that we tried to apply as we were preparing our colouring pages. Therefore, the illustrations we present to you are microbiological images, that have recently become widespread.  Our project is intended to combine the educational aspect with therapy and meditation. We hope that it will bring you a moment of relief and a little bit of fun. 

We will share the colouring pages between 16 and 30 May on the Facebook profile page of  $ drylowna.

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Poznań Art Week

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