“Deadline” is a short feature film inspired by the works of T.S. Eliot and Rainer Maria Rilke. By colliding masterpieces of world poetry with the current experiences of the lockdown, the atmosphere of closure, the emotions accompanying this event and the limitations that the pandemic forced on us all, I dare to undertake an artistic experiment in which I call a hero – failure, while checking and asking a question about our present condition. Are we fed up? What exactly Are we able to bear with ourselves? Do we really miss the closeness that has been taken from us? Or maybe closure is a relief and salvation? What absorbs your thoughts when you are alone? Sam?

I am looking at this stranger, because in relation to see myself, I need to extract myself from myself. And become a stranger. I am looking for salvation, a path to a rose garden that I do not know where it is and what it is today?

Let me, in the words of Eliot and Rilke, lead you through a complicated maze of time, geometry, patterns, metaphors and moments from life just before the end of the world.

“Or let’s say the end precedes the beginning
And the end and the beginning have always been here.
After the end and also before the beginning.
And nothing passes”.

I cordially invite you
Konrad Marek Cichoń

Link to the movie: http://teatr-polski.pl/deadline-2/

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