“Collection of all beginnings” is an attempt to look at the issues related to the emergence of a “void” at a time when artistic practice lacks the main medium, physical material, or institutional / public space in which this practice usually emerges. As an artist whose practice is based on traditional mediums, i.e. printmaking or ceramics, I did not have access to the studio where I usually create my work at the time of self isolation. All my planned exhibitions were also canceled due to the pandemic. So I tried to fill this “void” by searching for new forms of expression. In the form of something tangible, but also digital, abstract; in the form of words, emotions, fears, images of everyday life. What will happen when physical objects become part of a digital space in a new way? Will their meanings change? Can the digital sphere exist without exchange with the physical, tangible, material sphere? Or, in the era of digitization, do we maybe need kilns, print workshops, looms, and physical meetings in common spaces even more than before?


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Poznań Art Week

PAW is an art festival inaugurated in 2017 in the capital of Wielkopolska in order to create a joint cultural program of public and private institutions operating in the field of visual arts.