May 14th-October 31, 2020
Supported by MASH INDIA
Curated by Dr Arshiya Mansoor Lokhandwala

The state of emergency in which we live is not the exception but the rule – Walter Benjamin

The new normal is anything but ordinary. The world as we know it has changed forever since December 31st, 2019. Most of us have never experienced an epidemic let alone a pandemic of an epic nature that affected every corner of the earth. The future has never looked more uncertain with no definitive cure or end in sight, leaving with us anxious, disoriented, overwhelmed, and paranoid. Sigmund Freud, distinguished psychiatrist, has defined this as the “uncanny” or “unheimlich” in German. It is when a familiar thing starts to appear somehow estranged or foreign. Social distancing, facemasks, lockdowns, quarantine or curfews have become the new norm. The exhibition Living the New Normal features works of 5 Indian female artists that allude to the extraordinary but incongruous moment that we are experiencing work.

Various works they created reflect the current zeitgeist.

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