30 May – 13 June 2020

Michał Dyjuk
Kamil Figas
Justyna Górniak
Michał Majewski
Agata Read
Olga Sokal

Curator: Anka Gregorczyk

Human beings make plans through a hierarchy of needs. The progress of our civilization has had an impact on that hierarchy. The concept of rushing forward at any cost, without sentiments or hesitation, remains the same. However, something has changes.  The chaos of nature has become more tempting, despite the fact that the main goal of nature is simply to survive. It is only about survival, without making plans, plotting, or engaging in purely beneficial relationships. We have all started to feel the need to acknowledge the superiority of nature. 

Time is a trivial boundary. However, our nonchalance in balancing between the past and the future brings consequences that are far from trivial.  Different need make us lower our guard, while changes and ambiguous decisions torment us like nightmares. There are so many question that the narrative we know stops blurring memories. Instead, answers that we buried deep start to resurface.

The works by six artists presented at the exhibition entitled  REW are there to symbolically pass down the judgment. The rives does not flow anymore. There is no freedom without bars. Family is no longer home. Parks will not save us from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Do we have any place to go back to? Do we really need to get together to sit at the common table?

Photographs by graduates of the Sputnik Photos mentoring programme allow us to see a thin line between the effect and cause in the structure of the consequence of needs. Stories presented by the works address the dilemmas of our world. They meander through the feeling of alienation, environmental degradation, and the loss of control. They make us aware of the closed door that leaves us in an uncomfortable situation – with no chance to return to the game one more time.

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Poznań Art Week

PAW is an art festival inaugurated in 2017 in the capital of Wielkopolska in order to create a joint cultural program of public and private institutions operating in the field of visual arts.