Voices on Visual Narrative is a three-event project held by the University of Arts Magdalena Abakanowicz in Poznań, the Department of Painting and Drawing of the ladder and included in the Poznań Art Week 2021 programme.

Narration is an inherent human need for communication, inter-relationships and even survival, for what it is never told or no longer spoken, it is forgotten, hance, doesn’t exist no more.

Long before oral complexity, human beings have always pursued the idea of telling and have been driven to express themselves. To tell stories. 

Plastic narration is not a defined restricted language, it is communication. Regardless of the tools we use, sometimes only those available to us, this individual unicity still remains. That is why, in Voices on Visual Narrative, that gathers artists from very different upbringings, cultural backgrounds and points of view, and even through the massive visual differences between them, there is always something that stands out holding them all together: narrative impulses.

This virtual space, recreated by Marcin Konicki from Dariusz Subocz’ Museum of Literature and Printing in Grębocin, plays a perfect shell, impossible to achieve in real-life, for the exhibit of Voices on Visual Narrative.

And just like the yellow brick road that Elton John waved goodbye and that led to Emerald city, we find ourselves in front of a pink structure that resonates with the idea of an unnatural fantasy land like Oz and defies reality where pink is the colour that leads the way.  What is lurking under the surface of this magnificent built is only for the audience to discover.

Explore the space and the stories in and out of the container following the pink brick road. And remember to click your heels together three times to get back home.

Artists: Adam Nowaczyk, Ana del Amor, Arkadiusz Andrejkow, Joanna Marcinkowska, José Goz, Miguel Martos, Nicolás Castell, Paweł Flieger, Samos Teller, Sergio García Sánchez, Steph Pich, Tomasz Kalitko and Zbigniew Gorlak.

(Virtual exhibition available only on desktops)

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