Organizer – Rarytas Art Foundation
Patronage – University of the Arts Poznan

Organization Committee:

Mateusz Bieczyński – Curator of the Project / Secretary of the Jury
Szymon Dolata
Piotr Grzywacz
Aniela Perszko

Jury of the Competition:

Marcin Markowski – Head of the Jury
Natalia Dydo
Wojciech Janicki
Justyna Machnicka
Jerzy Skakun
Mateusz Bieczyński – Secretary of the Jury, Vice-Rector ot fhe University of the Arts Poznan

The year 2020 has quite unexpectedly brought us a global challenge. The outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has completely changed many aspects of our reality. One of the challenges that the art world is facing right now is a need to introduce changes to its channels of  distribution, in order to respond to the institutional recession that has already resulted in cancellations and postponements of many art events.     

By organizing the poster competition entitled ’Remedy’, we want to respond to the current situation and to express our protest against the widespread pessimism. We are not trying to say that the situation is not serious. We are just simply convinced that art should not remain passive. It is because we believe art to be a necessary aesthetic ‘painkiller’, an impulse leading to a reflection, a space for a public debate, and/or as a tool for commenting reality in  serious and humorous ways. In a time of global crisis, artists have their role to play.  

‘Remedy’ Competition for Ideographs (authorial self-edited posters) is an open question about the situation of art and culture in the current situation. ‘Remedy’ is a very inclusive concept that can refer to many matters.

First of all, it refers treating art (or culture) as a response to most burning social issues. Although reflections on this matter have been present in art-related sources since antiquity, it gains a new meaning in our situation.  It is quite for people trapped in their homes in an involuntary quarantine to turn to art – by reading books, listening to music, or viewing works of art.  

Secondly, the word ‘remedium’ that is the Polish title of the competition and the equivalent of ‘remedy’ can be interpreted through words it contains. ‘Re’ means ‘again’, while ‘medium’ refers to the mean of expression or the material used for creating an art work. It is therefore a reference to all artistic practices based on the concept of reusing elements that previously existed (by borrowing the content, the form, and/or the material).

Finally, in the time of epidemic, art becomes a forum for discussion about different global effects of the virus. Some art works reflect on the mental ways of dealing with the crisis. Other works commemorate the people of the art world that were taken away by the virus, such as comic book artists Daniel Azulaya and Juan Gimenez, the art curator Maurice Berger, the pioneer of the ecofeminist art Helene Aylon, the icon of the African-American art David Driskell, to name just a few. Art also need to remain a field for experimenting with new ideas and solutions. After all, is art is an activity only human beings engage in. It is a key element of our identity.

This competition is open for poster artists and creators of other graphic forms. We will particularly appreciate works that in a smart and creative way refer to all three levels of meaning of the word ‘remedy’.

One of the categories will feature only new, previously unpublished works.

Posters will be qualified to the competition exhibition by the Jury. The Jury will also award the Main Prize and give Honourable Mentions.

The Organizers reserve the right not to award the Main Prize and to distribute the financial means allocated to the prizes in a different way, in accordance with the decisions of the Jury.


A – Ideograph (self-edited poster).

Participants submit works that refer to the theme ‘remedy’ selected by the Orgaizers. Each participant can submit a maximum 1 work.

Posters will be qualified to the competition exhibition by the Jury admitted by the Organizer.

The following will prizes be awarded in the course of the competition:

Main Prize (PLN 2,500)
Honourable Mention 1 (PLN 1,000)
Honourable Mention 2 (PLN 1,000)

Please note that the amounts of prizes and awards are gross amounts. After signing a declaration, the winners will receive sums reduced by a 10% of tax paid by the Organizers to the Polish Tax Office.  

Selection process:

First stage: Participants submit their entries in a digital form to the following email address:

Category A – size: A4, resolution: 300 dpi, CMYK colour model, jpg format

Each entry submitted to the competition should include the following description:

  • author’s first name and surname, address, email address, phone number
  • date of completion of the submitted work

Deadline for submitting entries – 15 June 2020.

The list of artists qualified for the exhibition will be announced between 15 and 25 June 2020

Second Stage: Results will be announced between 1 and 15 July 2020.

Awarded participants will be notified via email. 

Additional regulations:

The Organizers reserve the right not to award the Main Prize and to distribute the financial means allocated to the prizes in a different way, in accordance with the decisions of the Jury.

The submitter declares that the work/works included in the Entry Form are his or her individual work.

By submitting an entry, the author declares that its public presentation will not infringe copyrights of any third party. The submitter will be held accountable for any claims that may arise. 

By submission, the submitter accepts general and additional rules of the competition and grants permission to publish the submission in mass media and promotional materials related to the competition, particularly in the competition exhibition catalogue and catalogues of accompanying exhibitions as well as in social media. 

Works that offend religious or philosophical beliefs, racial or cultural origin will not be reviewed.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an online catalogue containing reproductions of works, a full list of participants, and a catalogue-style list of works that qualified for the competition.

Selected works will be printed out and included in the Organizer’s collection.

By participating in the competition, the submitter grants permission to his works being featured in an exhibition that will be held at a later time, in accordance with safety regulations related to the state of epidemic. 

General rules of the poster competition (PDF)

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