What kind of app do we need now?

During a workshop, students came up with ideas and created prototypes of special smartphone applications for the time of pandemic.

Projects together with an authorial introduction will be available during an online exhibition opening that will take place on 15 May at 18:00.

Link do wystawy: http://interfejs.info/plener/

The Interface Design Studio of the Department of Visual Communication cordially invited everyone to participate.

The event will feature works created by the following: Agata Jawor, Alicja Skupin, Anna Vorobiova, Jakub Wianecki, Julita Wodyk, Karolina Grzelak, Karolina Kaczmarek, Klaudia Szłapka, Klaudia Zabłocka, Kornelia Konieczka, Maria Warteresiewicz, Natalia Malińska, Oliwia Blumert, Patrycja Buzanowska, Patrycja Kaja, and Weronika Sommerfeld.

Poznań Art Week
Poznań Art Week

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