Yuriko Sasaoka, born in Osaka in 1988.

In 2014 she graduated the MFA program in oil painting at the Kyoto City University of Arts, subsequently completing /without obtaining a PhD degree/ in 2017 a doctoral program in media art at the same university.

Creating pieces which bring to mind “touches” similar to painting techniques, Yuriko – In her own and unique style of “painting-like videos” – explores the current relations between these two mediums.

Polish audience might met the artist during the last year’s edition of Poznan Art Week, when she participated in the group exhibition: “Celebration” showing contemporary Japanese and Polish art.

Inspired by her experiences with Polish culture, at the moment Yuriko, together with a Polish curator and an expert in Japanese studies—Paweł Pachciarek has been working on a completely new project, that will include (amongst other props) the doll of Józef Piłsudski, pierogi and fish heads. The project is arranged to debut next year in Poland.

Yuriko recently has started also her own channel on You Tube, and in response to the Covid-19 epidemic, she has been sharing the 7 ways to save the money she has been to fallow in her everyday life these days.

to see more; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1H3GLoXNf0NaFycr9wDoyg

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Poznań Art Week

PAW is an art festival inaugurated in 2017 in the capital of Wielkopolska in order to create a joint cultural program of public and private institutions operating in the field of visual arts.