The exhibition “United States of Anticipation” is the result of cooperation between the Faculty of Painting at the University of Arts in Poznań and the Faculty of Painting at the University of Granada (Universidad de Granada). Initially – before the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic – the exhibition was to be held in Poznań. However, the forced quarantine made this impossible. The conviction that art is a platform of understanding beyond all divisions and regardless of all obstacles and boundaries, the organizers of the exhibition decided to transfer it to the Internet.

The ‘United States of Anticipation’ can therefore be seen as taking up the gauntlet thrown to the artistic world by an unusual situation. It is a presentation prepared on a grand scale, in which the main emphasis was placed on diversity. The works on it are a testimony to the expressive artistic attitudes of their authors. From the strong expression of painting using intense colors, through atmospheric nocturnal scenes, comic books, projects bordering on art and design, photography, to minimalist drawing analyzes using a straight line and strong contrast.

The arrangement of the exhibition, developed by Marcin Konicki, gives the opportunity to interact with each of the projects separately, while maintaining the consistency of the presentation, which, by choosing the direction of the visit, allows you to discover the surprising relationships existing between individual projects. The title of the exhibition refers to these “hidden dependencies” – “United States of Anticipation” – emphasizing the intrinsic value of joint action across borders and divisions, the importance of experiencing art and contact with it, as well as the importance of interpersonal relations in building lasting cultural values.

Perla Bajder
Reyes González Vida
José Manuel Jiménez Muñoz
Tomasz Kalitko
Ania Kołacka
Katarzyna Kujawska-Murphy
Marcin Lorenc
Asuncion Lozano
Marisa Mancilla
Joanna Marcinkowska
Krzysztof Mętel
Francisco José Sánchez Montalbán
Pedro Osakar
Rosario Velasco Aranda
Filip Wierzbicki Nowak

Curators: Mateusz Bieczyński, Tomasz Kalitko
Spatial arrangement: Marcin Konicki

(Virtual exhibition available only on desktops)

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